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Hi there! My name is Andrew Croy . I'm a up and coming Software developer. So far I've learned Python, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Vue, and Django. Although I've just recently started learning programming and development, I've been working with all kinds of technology. I was a Nuclear Electrician in the Navy, I've messed with motors, hung off the sides of massive generators, qualified aerospace electronics, automated test systems and so many more crazy and wonderful experiences. It's my hope you let me share all I've learned with you.

After the Navy, I went to the PDX Code Guild to start my journey. Right now I am currently polishing my skills at Vue.js and Django as well as diving into Deep learning/Machine Learning.

Since I've gone through a lot of non-traditional training that not everyone is familiar with, I like to give details about them:

PDX Code Guild

Naval Nuclear Power Program

Top Skills I have:

  • Quick Learner
  • Effective Communicator
  • Detail Oriented

Projects I've worked on: